Cervical Spine joints and musculature designed to fit the purpose of transmitting load of the skull to rest of the skeleton and also as a conduit for neural elements into the Spinal cord. Muscle tension forces, excessive motion, and postural fatigue are the triggering factors for non-traumatic neck pain. As the neck is less protected compare to the rest of the Axial skeleton, it is more susceptible to injury.

In most of the cases, it is only for a short duration.  Usually improves with rest or simple painkillers.

Causes of Neck pain:

Injury – Sprain, Fractures
Postural pain
Cervical disc prolapse
Cervical Spondylosis
Inflammatory disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis
Referred pain – Ear infections, Headache, Infections/inflammation of Lymph nodes and glands in the neck.

Symptoms which needs medical attention include:

1. Severe neck pain following injury
2. Neck injury associated with pins and needles or numbness or weakness in arms/legs
3. In the absence of trauma –
* Pain disturbing night sleeps
* Pain associated with pins and needles/weakness in arms or legs
* Loss of weight or appetite
* Balance and gait problems
* Loss of dexterity and struggling with buttoning, using knife and fork etc.
* Bladder and bowel disturbances.

Please read the treatment page for individual condition management.

Note: This information is not suitable for any financial or litigation benefits. This is only to create general awareness about neck pain. Please request medical help to discuss your individual case.