This is a very painful condition where the pain starts around the lower back or gluteal area and radiated down the leg, which can cause severe limitation in movement. Sometimes pain could start in the thigh or knee and radiates into the foot. It could be associated with pins and needles or tingling or burning or coldness in the leg or foot.
Sometimes this could manifest as a bad leg cramp or electrical shock sensation in the legs. Movements, sneezing, coughing or straining could aggravate the symptoms.

Which age group – 30 – 50-year-old people
What activities increase the risk – weightlifting, long drive, manual laborers, sports players
What is the underlying problem – In the majority of the cases, it is because of the trapped sciatic nerve in the back. The nerve could be trapped between a prolapsed lumbar intervertebral disc and the bone or ligament.

What to do – Advised to take rest and request your Doctors for painkillers. Usually, this settles in 4- 6 weeks. During this time, avoid any exertional activities. We advise to keep mobile, avoid forward bending and driving activities.

When to seek Medical help-

Any symptoms or signs suggestive of Cauda equina syndrome (
Ongoing pain beyond 6 weeks
Unmanageable pain
Pain disturbing night sleeps
Pain started after any injuries
Associated with loss of weight or appetite

How is it diagnosed – Plain XR doesn’t give adequate information to diagnose this problem. The golden standard test is MRI of the Lumbosacral spine. When MRI is contraindicated, CT Myelogram is the recommended investigation of choice.

Management – Please refer to treatments page.

Note: This information is not suitable for any financial or litigation benefits. This is only to create general awareness about neck pain. Please request medical help to discuss your individual case.